Welcome to RIOT Virtual Running

(the new name for Virtual Challenge Planet)

Everyone at RIOT Virtual Running would like to welcome you to our site. Virtual challenges are a new concept whereby people are rewarded for achieving their goals in training.

Do you struggle to get out there and getting your training done?

Do you want to get out there but are struggling with motivation?

This is where we come in. We reward you for your training runs and give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Whether its couch to 5k, a 10k, half marathon, full marathon or an ultra, we can help you achieve your goals. Alongside helping you, we also donate to our chosen charities each month, so every challenge you set yourself also helps others. We hope you enjoy our site and our medals. Many more are in production as we speak so keep your eyes peeled.

RIOT Virtual Running donate at least 10% of each medal to charity. Each medal has its own charity assigned to it to help raise money individually.

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