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So, you got the e-mail or the magazine saying you didn’t get in to the London marathon. Here are some ideas for alternatives for you:


  • ASICS Manchester marathon


A very fast and very flat route with area of great support.

If you are after a personal best then this marathon is certainly one for you. If you aren’t interested in running on your own then you can also enter as a team and do a relay marathon too.

  • Brighton Marathon


Brighton marathon is an extremely popular marathon with a massive amount of support along the route.

Not particularly quickly and quite an undulating route but the atmosphere and running along the promenade at the end really give this marathon the feel of how marathons should be.

  • Saxon, Vikings and Normans – Rejects run


Underwhelming, fun, lots of cake and a lap marathon.

This one will not be for the faint hearted but will be worth it. A small marathon with normally around 100 people taking part, this marathon will bring you plenty of experienced marathoners and some awe inspiring runners. The medals and the Saxon races are always incredible too

  • Boston (UK) Marathon


Yes, you read that right……the Boston marathon in the UK!!

This event holds a marathon, half marathon and a fun run so you can include all of the family. A maximum of 1000 people for this marathon and it is a good one with plenty of support. Plus you can tell people you have run the Boston marathon!!

  • Southampton marathon


A recent date change for this marathon means that it now falls a week after the London marathon which could be great for the motivation.

Starting and finishing in the centre of Southampton you pass some iconic buildings and structures in Southampton including the Itchen Bridge and St Marys stadium


Obviously though, if you still want to run London, you can still get a charity pace with some incredible charities but for me, I know what I am going to choose 🙂


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