Project 84


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Did you know that, in Britain, 84 men take their own life EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! This is a shocking stat and we aim to use this challenge to raise awareness and help to reduce this figure.


How can we help? By releasing this challenge we hope that you will share your running experience and show to your friends, family and loved ones that you are there for them and they can talk. This challenge is also there to help you to find exercise as your release from daily pressures.


Run, walk or jog 84 miles in 84 days. This is a twelve week period from the date you join or whichever 12 week period you decide. It doesnt have to be one mile per day, it can be however you decide.


We will donate at least £2 from every entry to Calm. Their campaign at www.projecteightyfour.com is helping raise awareness.


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