Running for beginners

Starting running can be a very daunting task. The first question is often “How do I even start?”. Below is a list of tips for you to get you started and then further down is an explanation about each point

  1. Buy a pair of trainers
  2. Buy shorts/leggings and a running top
  3. Set a date and time to go out and plan how long you want to be out for.
  4. Establish your ‘Why’

With these 4 things, you are set to go but here are some other things you might want:

  1. Download a fitness app like Strava or map my run.
  2. Buy a phone holder or waist band to store your phone, keys etc in
  3. Ask some friends or family to join you but don’t worry if they don’t want to
  4. Look for your local parkrun or running group

What makes you a runner anyway? No matter how fast or slow you go, you are still a runner and don’t ever forget that. Lets talk about my three tips above for getting in to running:

1. Buy a pair of trainers

First things first, trainers are important and getting the ones that are best for your style of walking/running is key to help prevent you sustaining injury. Search online for your local running outlets and whether or not they do a gait analysis. This will determine what type of shoe you need (I won’t get technical here as they will explain in store what they are doing). I wouldn’t recommend buying an extremely expensive pair of trainers initially, my first ones costs about £50 and were fine for getting in to running. You can invest in different pairs as you progress. This website has up to the date reviews of trainers for beginners https://www.runandbecome.com/running-product-advice/best-budget-running-shoe

2. Buy shorts/leggings and a running top

Again, look for some clothes that aren’t too expensive but are comfortable. Sports direct, DW sports and decathlon all have a good range of clothing for a reasonable price. Buy something that will make you feel confident and enthusiastic about getting out there. Tikiboo leggings seem to be a particular trend at the moment

3. Set a date and time to go out and plan how long you want to be out for

Do you remember what I said at the start of this page? No matter how fast or slow you go, you are still a runner and don’t ever forget that.

Your pace might be a 20 minute mile or 9 minute mile but this process is all about progress and not perfection. Start off by setting a time for how long you would like to be out for. This could be 10 minutes,20 minutes, 30 minutes or more but this first run is about getting out there. Gradually over time you can increase the time on your feet.

As soon as you put those trainers on, you become a runner, no matter what your speed. Set yourself a distance and get to that distance at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Being a runner isn’t about competing to win a race, it isn’t about getting a personal best each time you go out and it most certainly isn’t about being better or worse than another person. Parkrun have a tail walker for a reason. its not to highlight the slowest runner, its to help motivate you to get to the finish. Running is about doing your best, getting out there and making some of the most amazing friends you will ever make.

4. Establish your ‘Why’

Why do you wan to run? Improve your fitness? To gain more friends? To help with physical or mental illness? We all have a different reason to want to run and that’s the beauty of it. Every single one of us does it for a different reason but it brings us all together. Make a note of your ‘Why’ and put it up on a board or write in in lipstick on your mirror. Do something that reminds you of why you want to run and that will help you with your motivation. Its a common conversation between running friends “why do you run?” and you will be surprised how your ‘why’ links with so many other peoples ‘why’.

Now all you have to do is get out there. Feel free to share your runs on our Facebook group and you will soon see just how much support you have

Have fun running